Established in 2005, S & S Enterprises of Moab, Inc. began as a small earthworks company with only a few pieces of equipment but plenty of grit and tenacity.  The company is locally owned and operated, and was built using honesty, integrity and a commitment to excellence. In less than 15 years, S & S Enterprises has grown to be one of the premier earthwork contractors in southeastern Utah.  S & S Enterprises now has the resources, the experience and the commitment to ensure a successful project with complete customer satisfaction.  Working both in the public and private sectors on a diverse mix of project types and sizes has contributed to the Company’s continued growth and expansion.
The code defines standards and policies implemented for the understanding of  S&S Enterprises business values and responsibilities.   Every S&S employee is required to comply with this code.  Our reputation and success depends upon the personal ethical behavior of each employee.  Despite our differences, we are individually responsible for asking questions if we do not understand how to handle a particular situation.  We conduct our business within the framework of applicable laws and regulations.  No matter what the project is, it will be accomplished to the best of our ability.  We envision a work environment everyone can take pride in, a company others respect and admire, and a world  made better by our actions. We act decisively and lead by example. We strive to be a place where people look forward to coming to work and where everyone understands that their contribution is important to the success of the company.
We are honest and act with integrity.  We promise only what we expect to deliver.  We keep our commitments. Our clients and employees can trust that we will always keep our word.  We value fair and open communication done in a respectful manner.
We evaluate and reward employees based on the quality of their work.  We value diversity, and uniqueness.  We encourage self development in improving and mastering their job skills.  Our number one priority is to ensure every employee returns home safely each night.
We demonstrate honesty and ethical behavior and personal responsibility in all dealings with others.
Our employees work together as a team for the collective interests of a whole.  Communicating and sharing information in an open and respectful manner.  We balance the need to share information alongside the need for confidentiality regarding certain information.  We maintain a productive, motivated work force by treating all employees fairly and equitably.  We respect and recognize each other for our strengths and weaknesses.  We promote personal achievement and a feeling of self worth, by establishing demanding goals and reaching beyond them.  As a team we strive for effectiveness, simplicity and speed.
Employees make excellence and quality a part of day to day work processes and seek continuous improvement in all that they do.  Employees seek innovative and creative approaches to problem solving.
Fairness and Ethics
Our employees commit to dealing fairly with anyone they meet throughout their work day. The company strength and longevity depends on our ability to sustain long lasting mutually rewarding relationships with whom we do business.  We listen, learn, and innovate, and we continuously work to strengthen relationships through conscientious behavior.  We value their positive and policies that  govern business and employees actions on behalf of the  company.  Employees observe the standards that have been established by our programs and safety culture .
Applying commitment and focus to every project.
Mutual Respect
Following the Golden Rule,  we will treat others with respect and dignity.  Only when we treat one another with respect, trust and dignity can we expect a positive working environment.  We support and obey laws that prohibit discrimination everywhere we do business.